US - House Science & Technology Subcommittee Hearing on Climate Change Science

Loads of dross but some good bits.

Rep. Bob Inglis at 0h11m says that it is important that this hearing is on record. Quotes Australian Ambassador Kim Beazley who when he runs into a sceptic says make sure to say that very publicly because I want our grandchildren to read what you said and what I said!

At 0h47 Lindzen says that a 2.5C temperature drop is all you would expect if all CO2 was removed from the atmosphere!
At 0h48 Lindzen says there is no doubt that CO2 absorbs more heat than O2
Agrees that Human activity has substantially increased CO2
At 0h49 Lindzen, when responding to increasing max high temperature frequency, says that instrumentation changed dramatically during the [instrument record] period. Modern thermometer response times are infinitesimal compared to earlier in the record.
Baird then says "unless you are suggesting that in the past the measuring devices were erroneous in one direction not another"
Lindzen amazingly say "Absolutely"
Baird " If you're suggesting that the thermometers of today are more sensitive to increases than cooling..."
Lindzen "Oh, yuh!. Oh Yuh! that's pretty much true"

Roscoe Bartlett has more sense than most
Check out 2h30m.
Peak oil. Been and gone in US
Has same outlook on liquid fuels as I do. Using all US production of Corn to produce liquid fuels will provide 2.4% of requirement.
Using biomass will deplete the soil of nutrients. All non starters.

Even Rear Admiral David Titley is preparing for a much changed future with an ice free arctic.

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