CO2 data - why the yearly humps?

Is the annual uptake of CO2 by “something” increasing
Answer: Yes by 0.17ppm per year
Co2 is increasing by 1.6ppm/year
for Point Barrow see:

The annual carbon dioxide sink is absorbing more CO2 over ther period considered

Is this caused by warmer conditions promoting more growth or by an increased greening caused by more CO2 or increased greening caused by CO2 and temperature?

It would appear it is not simply CO2 – As can be seen the annual difference has dropped since 2004. CO2 is in a continuous rising cycle. Temperature has stalled and dropped since 2003.

It would therefore appear to be mainly temperature.
There is an annual dip in CO2 caused by something water temp/flora/algae/etc.
http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/9698/manyco219992001.jpg see bove
If absorbed by flora/algae (living stuff) then presumably the rise from the dip would be less than the fall into the dip - some CO2 would be retained by the growth. This is not apparent.
If it is sea water then its the wrong way up - summer would be higher CO2 (warm water). Also sea water is not saturated by CO2 so would it breathe with temperature?

Since 1974 the depth of the annual dip in CO2 (Start April end August) has increase from 14.5 to 20ppm approx:

If warming is happening then sea water and air temp will be warmed to the same value where absorption occurs earlier each year:
days from Jan 1st = -1.945E-04x + 2.377E+02
plot here:

Note that in Barrow there is little/no change in the date of minimum (.0002 days/year) but temperature has significantly increased.

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