Arctic Sea ice - December

A December update on Arctic Sea Ice as reported by JAXA.
Some wild swings especially in last few days (problem with measurement??)
The data now includes all years available from JAXA (1979 to present)


Straight Talking

To the point, and brave!


Latest Consumer prices index: fuel components, monthly figures

Latest figures from UK gov. Show consumer prices index fuel components up to October 2018

There is a 20% price hike in 2016/17 - is this due to green taxes or profiteering?


End of June Arctic Sea Ice

Latest figure from Jaxa

Loss has slowed over the last month


Nenana Ice Classic over for 2018

The clock on the watchtower was stopped at 13:18 on 1st May 2018 by the river ice moving.
the following plots show 3 versions of the same data. The Time from vernal equinox is probably most significant as this relates to solar position and not artificial human time.
Information here .