The Unholy Quest of McIntyre

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I think that you need to ask yourself where you are leading with all of this and to what purpose you are pursuing these people and the UEA.

If you get the UEA funding terminated (kill the university) by your insinuations and if you get the team imprisoned for FOI procedure irregularities just what will it achieve.

The data is the same. It all shows increased warming. No one believes tree rings make perfect thermometers. The hockey stick remains (just slightly different shape). GHGs are still increasing. GHGs still warm the earth.

What is your purpose?:

Get Jones arrested?
Get Mann arrested?
Destroy the UEA?
Destroy the reputation of numerous people who ran enquiries?

Or is it simply to get kudos from your Acolytes?
Or do you have some other purpose?

You must be very sure of your position here. I think the statement made by Rep. Bob Inglis at the House Science & Technology Subcommittee Hearing on Climate Change is very apt. He says that it is important that this hearing is on record (many times) and quotes Australian Ambassador Kim Beazley who when he runs into a sceptic says – make sure to say that very publicly because I want our grandchildren to read what you said and what I said.

I am not sure of the outcome of AGW. But I know that my actions will/may reduce our profligate lifestyles and pollution but will not cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem if I am wrong.
What do you know that makes this single minded pursuit of Jones et al so important?

What information are you privy to that suggests climate scientists are 100% wrong and must be stopped at any cost?
Let’s ASSUME that Jones acted illegally in his handling of FOI requests.
Would he knowing break the law?
Or was it simply an oversight?
Your attack leave no option but to deny wrong doing. You have left him no escape route – any admission of error leads to prison. Is he really a criminal?
It has got so bad on this blog that you even have your followers putting a price on Jones’ head!!


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