Al Gores Seafront property (updated)

How often to the anti AGW crowd crow about Al Gore purchasing a sea front property - "If he believed in his sea level rise prediction he would not purchase a seafront home would he"

Google earth:  34.4477654 -119.6286264


Quite a sensible purchase (if you have the money). 150m asl - it will have to be a significant global warming event to inundate this one!

hmmm!apparently there is another on Fisherman's Wharf,  San Francisco (I'd worry about quakes first)

If this page is correct:
Then he still has a 1 metre of dry land after his (incorrect) 6m rise!! Then of course quite a few metres before he needs to think about lifting the carpets!

google earth 37.786173° -122.401423°

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  1. The skeptics I know don't believe in the metric system either. By my interpolation, the elevation is 460 feet.