USCRN/USRCRN - "perfect" data and how it compares

A quick look at a few CONUS (contiguous US states) data



Tony has said that this date is as good as it is going to get as far as temperatures go.
He has invalidly compared USCRN with the older ghcn network using absolute values (does not get rid of any offsets between the data sets). And concludes this July is not a record breaker.

Leaving "records" aside this is the plot for 12 of the stations reporting from 2002 to current date (daily data)

A note: some of the stations reporting early in 2002 have much missing data that seems to give a high temperature anomaly in the first few months. This has been left in.

These are a simple arithmetic average of the 12 station data which individually have been averaged over 20days

This is a first stab at these plots so they may change if errors are found

Data from:
plots updated - more data - corrected averaging

Max temperature plot

Linear fit gives 0.774C/decade

Min temperature plot

Linear fit gives 0..22C per dacade

Average temperature plot

Linear fit gives 0.44C per decade

Spaghetti plot showing station names

As a comparison here is the plot for crutem3v from wft

Over the same period a negative slope!

I wonder if Tony will reject the USCRN data in the same manner as he tried to kill the Best data!

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