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Well Watts drummed up phenominal interest with his closing wuwt posting scam. Then came the letdown - it's another surface station project writeup. Hummmm!

Hopefully Tony can provide at least the following data he used:

A list of all (ALL qualities) stations
Accurate co-ordinates for site so that Measurement machine can be identified at its centre.
Type of measurement device
Details of any changes/calibrations
Criteria used for Watts' classification for that site
Date site was surveyed - date of Google imagery.

We need this data long before publication!

The data seems to forgotten that TOBS (time of observation) needs to be added before comparison to USHCN is made:
Steve: allowing for a TOBS adjustment is reasonable enough. When max min are read daily, if they are read in late afternoon near the daily maximum, a hot day can end up contributing to the maxima for two consecutive days and the cooler next day not counted. The adjustment is made relative to theoretical midnight readings

It seems that McIntyre thinks he should have done more work before allowing his name to be added to the author list!

Steve: As I mentioned, I’ve been involved with this paper for only a few days. You know my personal policies. I did some limited statistical analysis, which, to my considerable annoyance, I need to revisit. As you know, I don’t have a whole lot of interest in temperature data, which is an absolute sink for time. So I’m going to either have to do the statistics from the ground up according to my standards or not touch it anymore.
Steve: I was only on the paper a short time and I overlooked an important issue, which Anthony had paid insufficient attention to. I should have known better – my bad. I’m very annoyed at myself.
Steve McIntyre Posted Jul 31, 2012 at 2:07 PM | Permalink | Reply
In my original look at this information (2007) here, I used TOBS data. I need to revisit this work.

Another  "author" falls by the wayside!

UPDATE #2: To make sure everyone clearly recognizes my involvement with both papers, I provided Anthony suggested text and references for his article [I am not a co-author of the Watts et al paper], and am a co-author on the McNider et al paper.

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