Sky Temperature and Thermal Imaging

Sky, High and Low cloud temperatures  as measured on a thermal imaging camera.
These images show the cloud and sky temperatures as measured by a camera with a 2µ to 13µ pass band.
From a previous test done at night the clear sky temperature is less than -40°C (the camera lower limit).
These pictures show that this clear sky value is maintained as expected during daylight (about -43°C).
Cloud temperatures range from -20°C for high light cloud to +1.1°C for low heavy cloud.
The pictures were taken on 21st December 2012 at approx. 14:00pm  (sunset @ 16:00)
All area temperatures are maximum for that area.

These temperatures of course represent what the camera "sees" through its Germanium lense. And as can be seen from the previous thermal camera stuff the camera struggles to measure temperature of gasses - they just do not give black body radiation.
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