Lewandowsky Survey Lunacy

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    Your comment is awaiting moderation. HMMMMM!
    So SMOKEY new about the survey
    AND he took the survey.
So WUWT actually had a link posted
So here’s another source for responses

  1. paulw says:
    August 30, 2010 at 2:30 am
    Look at
    It is a survey by an Australian university that tries to show correlations among the science beliefs of people. It asks, for example, your view on climate change and your view on free markets.
    I gave it a go so that my climate change and free market views are properly represented in the results.
    [Reply: I took the survey. Interesting questions. ~dbs, mod.]
  1. paulw says:
    My earlier comment got quite a lot of criticism. I was called ‘thick’ and a ‘sockpuppet’, and I am just a commenter.
    I think that some of us have particular views that are not strongly linked to science. This weakens our critical view of the scientific results.
    It might help to take the survey by the University of Western Australia, on attitudes towards science. Then, we can debate on the survey results and hopefully help our efforts. The URL to the survey is
 Djozar took the survey

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