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Subtitle: Only the hat matters, not the message!

WUWT  accolytes must be making Watts so proud.
He posts a piece titled
“Indiana James” Hansen on “Why I must speak out about climate change”

The accolytes respond with:

He looks like an Amish Climate Worrier, is his horse cart parked outside ?

Looks more and more like Homer Simpson

Is it a compulsory or can I get the course credit from cleaning up vomit in a gastro enteritis clinic, or laundering baby nappies? Something easier than watching this.

With people like that in control of the world we will never acquire the wealth and the technology to achieve voluntary population limitation and a truly sustainable future.

Green Hats should be made from palm fronds, pine cones, or recycled truck tires.
I have failed to figure out the thought processes of this man but I have worked out why he wears the hat. It covers the five layer foil and insulation faraday cage beenie he wears under it.

Honest, I tried to watch it, but I got sick almost immediately

There is very little substance to the responses (actually - none?)

And there are the pseudoscience proponents out in force:
Stephen Wilde says:
” I suspect Venus would be almost just as hot with a thick nitrogen atmosphere.”
Quite right, but don’t tell Willis Eschenbach or he’ll go cowboy on you :)

keep repeating it often enough and people will believe!

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