The heartland institute

Not a bad income for some :
Latreece Reed $91,164
Eli Lehrer $155,150
Vince Galbiati $125,000

Jim Lakely $81,113
Sam Karnick $92,700
Diane Bast $96,512
Joseph Bast $160,000
Kevin Fitzgerald  $113300


How much do CRU employees make:
Academic, Teaching and Research

Professor £54133 to £125000
Reader £45336 to £57431
Research and Analogous 9 £45336 to £57431
Research and Analogous 7 £29972 to £37990
Research and Analogous 6 £23661 to £31798

But their total Cost of Salaries and Employment
Academic,teaching and research £231945
Research and analogous £298755

$88,000 Surface Stations Project (Anthony Watts of WUWT)
Payments to ItWorks/IntelliWeather to create web site featuring data from NOAA’s new network of surface stations. First payment of $44,000 in January, second of same amount contingent on fundraising around mid-year.

$75,000 K-12 Climate Education Project
Payments to David Wojick for K-12 Global Warming Lesson Plan modules plus a Website featuring the same. Estimate quarterly payments of $25,000 in June, September, and December.
So called peer review (how much faith can be placed in a review of sombody whose reward is paid by an organisation with strong anti science beliefs?)
Willie Soon contributor - paid by review - assume $1500/year
Craig Loehle contributor - paid by review - assume $1500/year
David Watkins contributor - paid by review - assume $1500/year

The story here is not so much the funding (which is not great) nor the amounts. It shows, in my opinion, the two faced opinions of Watts and followers. Its good to hack CRU, it's not illegal but heartland - that's totally differnt!
More here together with the documents:
A good report here

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