SOPA and stuff

The US Laws are aimed at web sites outside the US apparently (sites in the US are well controlled)!
In my view you should abide by the laws of your place of residence - Just because Saudi has laws against drinking must no mean that it is illegal to drink in the UK. It must also not mean that the Saudi authoritories cannot demand that all alcoholics in the UK must be extradited to Saudi for trial.

So why is it possible for the US to demand the UK extradites a student who has broken no UK law - it is not illegal in the UK to show links to sites hosting movies and TV programmes (illegal). This is just what search engines do after all!

This is what has happened to Richard O’Dwyer -  the UK has extradition agreements with the US and the media moguls have demanded extradition to the US  for trial against THEIR laws
See UK citizen Richard O’Dwyer’s case:
Other court cases have proven his web site was legal in the UK.

Does one search the world for the most sensitive nations and force everyone to adopt their laws?

If you are in the UK write to your MP about Richard O’Dwyer's case – extradition makes no sense for someone who has broken no current UK laws!

Let this one go and who knows what flood gates get opened.

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