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Rebuttal to the Skeptical Science “Crux of a Core”

Posted on March 1, 2011 by Anthony Watts
Guest post by Dr. J Storrs Hall


There is this gem of a scientific annotation to this graph:

(This is GISP2 in green, NGRIP, another Greenland core, in cyan, and the Vostok Antarctic core in blue. The Vostok has been scaled and shifted for a best match with the others; the temperature in Antarctica is colder, with smaller variations, than in Greenland. Furthermore, there are some time-scaling issues — note the temporal divergence of the two Greenland records before about 40 kya. It’s possible that NH/SH actually match better than this plot indicates.  Look here for data.)
Consider the supposed desecration of science of hide the decline - see earlier post
Storrs Hall
has invisibly shifted a whole data set in time.
has changed the data scaling of a data set
Has used 2 locations on the globe only to prove that AGW is a fraud.
Not one post points this out!!!!!!

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