Scafetta on 60 year climate oscillations

From the paper comes this plot:

Compare this to the HADCRUT 3V plot:

By filtering the temperature all the low frequency uplift since the 60s has been lost.
What therefore, has caused the recent warming?
According to the plot the last 10 years should have been cooling and the next 10 should see a 1C warming.
If I remember correctly the last 10 years have been stable and not reduced by 1C. If Scafetta is correct the world should be 2C hotter by 2025. Is this not a bit worrying?
WHY is the Scafetta plot so different to the HADCRU3V?????

OK so now add a 15 to 25 year filter and whats the comparison like?
Certainly a better fit but the trace obtained by filtering (red) is not what Scafetta gets (black). Also looking at the extreme s the temperature is loosing sync with SCMSS.

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