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Where it started:
wattsupwiththat (16:51:06) :
You know, this REALLY chaps my hide, especially since I’m doing a lot of green things myself, and have made major green contributions in the past.

A few examples:

A drop of one or two degrees would devastate vast areas of food production on Canada, Northern Europe and Russia. An increase will do (has done) wonders for production. I can’t speak with authority on warmer climes, but would hazard a guess that a shift of one or two degrees in a warm climate will have less of an impact than a shift

It’s clear that you just don’t get it, thefordprefect: a somewhat warmer, more balmy and pleasant climate is more desirable than what we have now; while colder temperatures will certainly kill people.

If AGW really is a crisis, their is close to nothing you can do about it, and nothing at all that wouldn’t involve massive reduction in energy use and quality of life decline to go along with it. I will feel proud when I look at my children ... that I fought to keep them free and living in a world were their quality of life is at least as good as mine was if not better because I stopped self righteous zealots like yourself from reversing the industrial revolution. Good day sir.

I personally believe that the burning of fossil fuels such as coal are one of the only real things that mankind has done to benefit the earth as a whole. The total amount of available carbon and biomass on the surface of the earth has shrunk dramatically sin

You’ve lumped everyone into your world view and hurled a faux pau of major proportions.

Possibly true! I should have targetted better.

So “thefordprefect” whoever the hell you are (just another anonymous coward making unsubstantiated claims)

No! I sent you a private email with my full name warning about allowing comments that could be considered defamatory by those attacked (the comments could affect their ability to earn, and it would be difficult for you to prove that they truly were trying to defraud). By remaining anonymous as thefordprefect your contributors are welcome to defame me as much as they like! I am unknown!

This is the address section of the email:
To: info@surfacestations.org
Subject: FAO Anthony watts wattsupwiththat - be careful
From: M. xxxxxxx
Date: 01 March 2009 14:40:12

Also most of the statements I have made have been backed up with data. My accusations are in response to insults hurled my and others' way.

let me make this clear: apologize for your broad generalization as “we don’t care about the planet” or get the hell off my blog.

This was a general impression I got from some of the responses. It was aimed at them. I had already read of your low energy home.

I’m not interested in debating the issue, I’m not interested in your excuses. I’m not interested if you are offended. Apologize contritely or leave, those are the terms.

Do what you will - my appology would only be for not tagetting my comment. There has been no possibility of any enlightening debate from the responses I got (although this last comment seems to have drawn some sensible response).

I truly hope I (and others) are wrong about AGW. I truly fear that I am not.

Anthony Watts - ItWorks (*****@itworks.com)
Sent: Sat 3/14/09 6:20 AM
To: *******@hotmail.com

All you have to do is post an apology an move on. It's real easy. I'll even compose a sample for you.

"I'm sorry that I made a generalization that assumes all posters here don't care about our environment. I will be more careful with my words in the future."

Or something similar. If you don't wish to you are certainly not obligated, but you won't be posting anymore without such an apology.

Your previous multi-level reply won't fly. I have no record of any previous email from you, this email address is what you listed in your comment form.

Anthony Watts

bill (12:00:53) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

bill (10:40:11) :
REPLY: Get your own blog then, but please don’t tell me how to run mine. I’ll post as many threads as I wish. And where’s your data citation link? Shifted and spliced data? Prove that’s valid. And if you really want to be taken seriously, drop the “galactic hero” meme and come clean with your full name. No need to hide. -Anthony

Anthony you castigated me for posting the same message on the sticky smoking gun threads, I was trying to say that if you start similar threads with the same theme and no different data, then I was requesting to post the same messages on both.

If I recall correctly someone (a “warmist”) on McIntyres blog real name was exposed leading to an event (I missed what it was) that forced the whole thread to be deleted. If I post garbage or wisdom on a topic It should not be made more/less acceptable because of my real status.
Looking at some of the comments made by CRU and other scientists about “nasty” emails they have received I prefer the safe option. My real name would enable google to provide home address (=business), phone, and private email.

As for references
Angmagssalik 65.6 N 37.6 W 431043600000 rural area 1895 – 2009
“Raw” data

The ice core data is from the reference in the header

I said It was a rough tack of the instrumental record onto the plot. Is there another way of doing this with so little data available?
To only show data to 1850s and say there is no massive rise in temp in the 21st C is disingenuous

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