Short vs long term temperature events

from WUWT
anna v (00:36:51) :
Proof is in the pudding: the existing CO2 ,though growing ,has not managed to stop a cooling PDO and it will stop the ice age
IFF radiation input/output to the earth is BALANCED (in=out) global warming/cooling will not happen. There will be weather, seasons, PDOs etc. but IFF in=out the averaged temperature over decades will be constant. Short term Temperatures will fluctuate!!!!!!!
If in is not equal to out then temperatures averaged over decades will show a rise/fall. If in-out difference is small then average temperature change will be small compared to weather, seasons, PDO etc. BUT there is still a trend up or down which will be obvious when temperatures are averaged over long enough periods. This is where we are. Weather, seasons, PDOs happen giving wandering temperature but do not negate small continuous changes to the in/out balance.
The flip from ice age to temperate will be caused by a long term in/out balance change not by weather, seasons, PDO or other transient events.

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